Lord Mayor moves to protect Kings Cross neon signs

City of Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, today addressed community concern about the potential loss of distinctive neon signage at Kings Cross.

“Today I met with Council officers working on the Darlinghurst Road project to ensure that the unique character of the Kings Cross precinct is respected,” Councillor Moore said.

“I have asked the City to preserve the neon signs that create such a unique sense of place at Kings Cross. These signs include Playbirds International, Love Machine, Stripperama, Porkies and Showgirls.”

The owners of two properties with the distinctive neon signs have entered into agreements with the City to replace the dilapidated awnings on their buildings as part of the Darlinghurst Road upgrade. There are no agreements to replace the awnings on the other three properties.

“Where owners have accepted Council’s offer to replace dilapidated awnings, the City will assess the significance of the neon signs, with a view to their preservation,” Councillor Moore said.

There are no arrangements in place for any of these signs to be replaced. Only signs on awnings are being considered as part of the upgrade and all neon signs previously approved by Council will be retained.

“The City has an obligation to protect signs of heritage significance,” Councillor Moore said.

Council has undertaken heritage assessments through each stage of the Darlinghurst Road project and a heritage consultant is specifically investigating the neon and other signage.

“I have asked for work to continue on the heritage assessment of the Kings Cross illuminated signage, and for Council to ensure that no signs of significance are lost before the findings are complete,” the Lord Mayor said.

The City of Sydney Signage and Advertising Structures Development Control Plan (DCP) provides for the development of distinctive precinct-based signage strategies.

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