Door Opens for Aspiring Young Poets

A scheme that enables emerging poets to see their work published and reach a wider readership – and seen in the most unlikely places – has been expanded with the help of the City of Sydney.

The scheme, an initiative of the Red Room Company, invites aspiring poets to submit works that reflect the opinions and ideas of their world.

Poems can be humorous and/or serious, but also fit within the realm of public art.

Six selected poems will be illustrated by six emerging artists to create posters that will replace advertising on the back of toilet doors in Qantas domestic terminals and Village and Greater Union cinemas.

The posters will be exhibited nationally during the month of April 2006.

Johanna Featherstone, inventor and manager of the Toilet Door Poetry scheme for the Red Room Company, says the illustrated poems “aim to keep you occupied while you’re otherwise engaged!”

“The Toilet Door Poetry scheme is about positively transforming the everyday space with ideas, thoughts, artwork and writing by new and emerging Australian talent,” she said.

The City of Sydney is supporting the scheme through its broad cultural development grants program.

Poets wishing to apply must be emerging in their careers with no more than one book-length publication (poets) or two solo exhibitions (artists) to their credit. Poems must be original, unpublished and no more than 25 lines.

Submissions close 23 January. More information is available at

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