City of Sydney events anchor new Master Events Calendar

City of Sydney events will form the framework for a new Master Events Calendar released today by Events NSW.

The calendar is made up of five “anchor events” – including three new major Sydney festivals – expected to provide sustainable events and economic benefits valued at more than $500 million per year to the state economy. 

“The City of Sydney is the biggest producer of events anywhere in New South Wales and helps to fund and support dozens of cultural events and community festivals, including the Festival of Sydney, the Sydney Film Festival and the Sydney Writers Festival,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP.

“Iconic events such as New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Live Green, the Biennale of Sydney and Art & About play a major role in Sydney’s strong international reputation as a dynamic, vital, cosmopolitan city.”

City of Sydney produced New Year’s Eve celebrations and the Sydney Chinese New Year Festival will bookend a new festival called Vivacity each January.

The City’s biggest public arts festival, Art & About, will provide a strong foundation for  Crave Sydney each October, which will be an international celebration of Sydney’s lifestyle, art, culture, food, wine and outdoor living. 

“Sydney is the home of Australia’s creative industries and promoting them in partnership with the State Government will help us remain at the forefront of emerging green and creative economies,” Ms Moore said.

“Events contribute to our Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision – they ensure the City’s global competitiveness, creating a lively, engaging city centre and fostering a cultural and creative Sydney.”

“The master calendar is important for Sydney – working together with government and business is the only way we can develop existing events, attract new events and ensure that events support each other and are delivered in a coordinated manner.”

“Events play a major role in the economic and cultural growth of global cities. They pull-in tourists, attract investment, encourage greater engagement with the arts and improve the livability of the city to retain key workers and industries.”

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