City presents draft plans for Camperdown cycleway

The City of Sydney is inviting the local community to help plan a new separated cycleway and liveable green network along Missenden Road in Camperdown.

Missenden Road is a vibrant pedestrian precinct and an important route for cyclists travelling to Sydney University and Newtown. The separated cycleway will make the route safer and encourage more people to take up cycling, and provide students with an alternative to driving their cars and competing with residents for parking.

The City is proposing to build a separated two-way cycleway along the CBD side of Missenden Road and Lyons Road, with construction anticipated to start in mid 2009.

“I invite the local community to comment on measures to calm traffic, and increase pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety, on Missenden Road,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP.

“This traffic calming project includes a cycleway, footpath improvements and new trees to create a liveable green network.”

The cycleway will allow safe travel for cyclists along a new north/south link to join into the existing cycle way on Wilson Street in the south, and future cycleways through Forest Lodge down to the Glebe foreshore in the north.

Missenden Road forms an important part of the City’s plan to build up to 55km of separated cycleways and a 200km cycling network.

“Many cities around the world, including London, New York, Amsterdam and Melbourne, have already introduced separated cycleways –  the City of Sydney has allocated $70 million over the next four years to build an effective cycle network across our LGA.”

Proposed features of the Missenden Road project include:

  • A separated two-way cycleway along the City side of Missenden Road and Lyons Road.
  • The introduction of major traffic calming measures including making Missenden Road and Lyons Road a 40km zone.
  • Footpath widening on the western side of Missenden Road at King Street.
  • To calm traffic and increase pedestrian safety, the road surface at the entrances to Longdown, Campbell and Aylesbury Streets will be raised.
  • The replacement of a small number of trees in poor condition with healthy mature specimens. At the end of the project there will be 33 more trees than there are now.
  • Distinctive road and footpath pavements between Grose Street and Salisbury Road to calm traffic in the hospital precinct.

Wednesday 10 December 2008,
6.30pm to 8.00pm,
Rydges Hotel,
9 Missenden Road Camperdown

Media Contact: Duncan Fine 0410 335 258