Take the kids for a spin in a cargo bike this weekend

Australia’s first cargo bike library has proved to be a big hit with dads wishing to spend some quality time with their children.

Other bike borrowers have used the cargo bikes for shopping, picking up laundry, collecting garden equipment or trying one out before making a purchase.

“A quarter of loans so far have been dads and children, with Sydney Park, Camperdown Park and Victoria Park all being popular destinations,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said.

“Dads love the chance to take their kids to the park, to parties and for short trips around the neighbourhood in a comfortable, specially designed bicycle,” Ms Moore said.

The Watershed* Bike Library was launched in September and builds on the growing popularity of commuter and recreational bike riding in inner Sydney.

The Watershed is jointly managed by Marrickville and City of Sydney Councils.

Anyone can become a member for a small fee, items are available for up to three days loan, and the first three hours are free. There is a special weekend rate of just $20 for Saturday – Tuesday.

The bike library has two specially designed options for carrying up to two kids – an all in one Dutch cargo bike with a tub at the front of the bike, and a trailer with walls and roof that can be pulled behind any normal bike.

The City of Sydney and Marrickville Council provide free cycling maps for all Bike Library borrowers, to help people find a safe, quiet route which is especially important if people are riding with their children.

Marrickville Mayor Councilor Fiona Byrne says Marrickville residents have embraced the cargo bike library, using it instead of their car. “It provides more space than a conventional bike, making cycling more convenient and therefore more attractive,” she said.

“This is a great example of how councils can deliver initiatives to support residents in lowering their environmental impact in a practical, attractive and fun way,” she said.

The Watershed, in partnership with Bike Sydney, will run the Bike Library for a 12 month trial period. It consists of two cargo bikes and a number of specialist trailers.

For a photo or interview opportunity with a Watershed Bike Library member, contact:

City of Sydney: Maya Catsanis 02 9265 9553, 0409 045425

Marrickville Council: Rachael Brown 02 9335 2063 or 0428 115 292

*The Watershed is a green living centre at 218 King Street Newtown, jointly managed by Marrickville and City of Sydney Councils.