Big business smarter, greener and millions richer

Big business smarter, greener and millions richer

Big business can save millions of dollars in operating costs, avoid wasting millions of litres of water and prevent thousands of tonnes of waste just by adopting some simple green habits and actions.

Thanks to a new Sydney Water grant and matching funding from the City of Sydney, the Smart Green Business program will target 200 businesses – including hotels, restaurants, clubs, large retailers, conference venues and pubs – to implement easy water, waste and energy strategies that offer collective savings of $2 million each year.

This latest program builds on work the City has already done with small and medium sized businesses to reduce costs and environmental impact.

“As Australia’s largest city we are in a unique position to demonstrate how simple, practical changes can add together to make large environmental and financial savings,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

“By 2030, we aim to reduce water use by 10 per cent and carbon pollution by 70 per cent. Smart Green Business is helping make this happen with advice, support and hands-on experience. It’s a good example of how government and business can work together for the benefit of the entire community.”

Each year, businesses getting involved in the program will collectively help to:

  • Save 600 mega litres of water – the equivalent of 240 Olympic-sized swimming pools;
  • Reduce carbon pollution by 7,000 tonnes – the same as taking 600 cars off the road; and
  • Save $2 million a year in costs.

The 330 small and medium businesses that have been part of the program since 2009 are non-office based – mostly cafes, clubs, serviced apartments and restaurants. They have made simple changes like using LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and aerated taps, and replacing leaking seals on older taps.

Each year participating businesses have been able to save a combined average of:

  • Around $7,000 (or around $1.8 million across the whole program);
  • 440 mega litres of water;
  • 2,900 tonnes of waste;
  • 4,525 tonnes of carbon pollution.

The program is part-funded by Sydney Water. Businesses wanting to take part can visit



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