Free bike course to get teens on two wheels

Free bike course to get teens on two wheels

A special bike course will be held in Sydney Park next month to help 12-18-year-olds embrace this year’s Youth Week in the City theme: ‘Be active. Be happy. Be you.’

The half-day class on Saturday 13 April will teach teens vital traffic skills and give them tips to help ride safely and with confidence.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said young people could benefit most from getting on a bike and forming healthy habits early in life.

“The skills and habits young people learn now can stay with them their whole lives, which is why it is so important they are active and happy,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“These are our bike riders of the future – the ones who’ll benefit the most from Sydney’s growing bike network. Riding a bike gives you freedom. It makes getting between home, school, family and friends easier while keeping up fitness.”

More than 300 confidence skills and maintenance classes have been held for over 3,500 bike riders at the City of Sydney’s Sydney Park Cycling Centre in the past four years. The Youth Week in the City bike course is free – but bookings are essential:

Date:               Saturday 13 April

Time:              9am-1.30pm

Location:        Sydney Park Cycling Centre

Register:        online at or phone 02 9265 9333

Ten great reasons for teens to ride a bike are:

  1. You can ride a bike at any age and most people learn when they’re little – if you’ve forgotten, a refresher course is all you need to get back on two wheels;
  2. You’ll get where you’re going way faster than walking and driving (if the traffic is bad!);
  3. Unlike the bus, you don’t have to wait for your bike to come to take you to school;
  4. Bikes are much cheaper than cars – no rego, no licence and you’ll never have to pay for petrol;
  5. Unlike driving, you don’t need to keep a log book or cart your folks around in the passenger seat;
  6. If you’re stressed about school, exams, friends or family, hop on a bike and it’ll help clear your mind;
  7. Celebrities love bikes, including Miley Cyrus; Barrack Obama; Owen Wilson, Zooey Deschanel, Russell Crowe; Blake Lively; Leo DiCaprio, Lea Michele, Liam and Louis from One Direction, Naomi Watts; Elle Macpherson and the original BMX bandit Nicole Kidman;
  8. It’s great exercise – biking burns up to 500 calories an hour and is great for your lungs;
  9. Going for a bike ride is a great way to explore your ’hood, you can go off-road and you’ll never have to circle the block looking for a parking spot; and
  10. Bikes are better for the planet. You’ll inherit it – help look after it!

The City’s annual Youth Week in the City is a time to celebrate and recognise young people’s contribution to the community. This festival, from 5-14 April, is also an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and views and have their voices heard.

More information about Youth Week in the City is available online

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