Free chemical cleanout day to detox your home

Sydney householders are being asked to scour their garages, sheds and homes for unwanted toxic chemicals and hand them over to the City of Sydney for Chemical Cleanout day.

A free drop-off point at Sydney Park Depot, St Peters will be open 9am-3.30pm on Saturday 6 July, to allow everyone to bring unwanted and potentially toxic items such as solvents, batteries, pesticides, and poisons, to be disposed of safely and sustainably.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the annual drop-off day was an opportunity for people to get rid of potentially harmful household waste in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

“This free service provides an excellent opportunity to ensure the safety and health of your home and family, whilst protecting the environment,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Tipping even small amounts of old fuel, paints or solvents down the drain can have a drastic effect, contaminating our waterways and harming marine life.”

“Even everyday household items like fluorescent light globes can contain mercury, while batteries contain lead and cadmium – toxic substances that are recognised as carcinogenic and can be very harmful.”

Residents are invited to bring household chemical items to the drop-off day, where waste experts will recycle or dispose of them safely.

Materials are sorted into over 40 categories for re-use. Discarded paints are used as an alternative to fuel in cement kilns, and unwanted gas bottles have the gas extracted for industrial use and the steel cylinders sent for recycling.

At last year’s Chemical Cleanout, 17,579 kilograms of chemical waste was dropped off by over 500 local residents including over 9,000 kilograms of paint and more than 1,000 batteries.

Chemical Cleanout Information:

Where: Sydney Park Depot, Barwon Park Road, St Peters

When: Saturday 6 July, 9am – 3.30pm    Cost: Free

For more information on the collection or advice on safe handling and transport of chemicals, phone the Environment Line on 13 15 55 or visit:

For media enquiries or images, contact City of Sydney Senior Media Adviser Matthew Moore phone 0431 050 963 or email

For interviews with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, contact Jonathon Larkin on
0477 310 149 or email