Graffiti facts

Art off the Wall is the theme and inspiration for this season’s eight-week Living Colour floral display designed by Sprout Landscape Architects with internationally-renowned street artists Beastman and Presto.

These bold designs floral displays are inspired by the colour and designs of street art.

Street art (or graffiti) has been a part of society for generations and like most art can be controversial.

While the City supports legal graffiti (or street art) we don’t condone illegal graffiti that vandalises people’s private properties.

City staff inspect graffiti ‘hotspots’ every day and aim to remove any illegal graffiti they find within 24 hours.

Between July 2012 and June 2013, the City removed 470,745 incidents of graffiti and bill posters.

The City’s Graffiti Management Policy also provides avenues for the expression and dissemination of legitimate murals and community information, which can have a positive impact on urban streets.

The community can apply to carry out commissioned murals and street art through the City’s approval process.

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