Hosking Place makeover to improve pedestrian links

Hosking Place makeover to improve pedestrian links

A pedestrian short-cut between Pitt and Castlereagh Streets are the next laneways to get a makeover from the City of Sydney under its strategy to liven up underused spaces and make it easier to walk around the city.

Hosking Place and Penfold Lane will be revitalised with granite paving, upgrading of street lights with LED fittings and opportunities for public art under the City’s proposed design. A similar upgrade is also planned for the smaller Lees Court, near the Theatre Royal.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the work is the latest step in the City’s strategy to reclaim Sydney’s hidden laneways.

“Hosking Place and Penfold Lane have been important walkways in Sydney since they were first built in the 1800s to give people access to residential buildings in surrounding streets,” the Lord Mayor said.

“It’s now a busy commercial area and the lanes form an important pedestrian link between Castlereagh and Pitt Streets. But the design doesn’t reflect this, with narrow footpaths forcing people to walk on the roadway, and a drab appearance.

“Sprucing up the lanes with new paving, better lighting and a lower speed limit will create a safer and more attractive space for pedestrians and encourage small businesses such as cafés or retail to set up shop.

“It is part of our ongoing strategy to enliven the City’s laneways to build a more vibrant and welcoming city centre that people can explore, and creating new spaces for small bars, live music or other cultural activities.

“It also supports the George Street light rail project by creating a pedestrian-friendly network of streets and laneways that is safe for walking, beautiful, and easy to navigate, so workers, residents and visitors slow down and enjoy the city, not just rush through it.”

The planned improvements for Hosking Place and Penfold Lane include:

  • Repaving the entire laneway with high quality      granite paving and a raised road surface;
  • Converting the laneway to a 10 km/hr shared zone      to improve pedestrian safety;
  • Wall-mounted LED lights;
  • New stairs and improved paving; and
  • Opportunities for artwork or light installations.

Plans for Lees Court, between King and Rowe streets, include:

  • New stone kerb and gutter;
  • New LED lighting;
  • Raised threshold at King Street; and
  • Improved access to the MLC centre.

The improvements will have no impact on parking, with the current consular and 5-minute controls in Hosking Place remaining unchanged, and access to existing driveways for buildings that back onto the lane will be retained.

The City has consulted with building owners, residents and businesses who have mostly supported the upgrade. Penfold Lane is privately owned and that part of the project is dependent on the owner’s consent.

Council has approved the concept design for the project, which will proceed to the detailed design stage before going to tender. Construction is expected to begin in early 2014.

Images of the project are available.

For more information, contact City of Sydney Senior Media Adviser Rohan Sullivan, phone 02 9246 7298 or 0414 617 086, or email rsullivan@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

For interviews with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, contact Shehana Teixeira on 0418 238 373 or steixeira@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au