Kylie ends 25 years on a glittering musical note

Kylie ends 25 years on a glittering musical note

Australia’s queen of pop, Kylie Minogue, will light up Sydney’s night sky on New Year’s Eve with a never-before-seen, sparkling signature semiquaver firework to mark her quarter-century musical career.

Foti Fireworks has created a one-of-a-kind firework to celebrate Kylie’s K25 year, denoting the much-loved pop icon’s unforgettable journey from her ’80s Locomotion debut to today’s sophisticated stage shows.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said Kylie’s Embrace theme and exclusive new firework will make this year’s event bigger and better than ever.

“Kylie’s an Australian icon, and we’re delighted to have her involved in Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations  this year,” the Lord Mayor said.

“There’s no better place than Sydney to celebrate – the New Year’s Eve Capital of the World.

Kylie has worked with the City to develop her Embrace theme, which will inspire the fireworks displays – in colours of red, yellow, purple and magenta – and promote positive ideas about inclusion and connection.

Foti Fireworks – under the direction of pyrotechnics expert Fortunato Foti – created the semiquaver from scratch, and has designed an innovative and exciting fireworks display using Kylie’s theme as inspiration.

Fortunato, or ‘Forch’ as he’s affectionately known, said creating the fireworks display this year had been exciting and challenging.

“I was asked to create a musical note in fireworks, which is something we hadn’t done before,” Mr Foti said.

“A lot of research and development was done by my father, Sam Foti, and brother, Robert Foti, to produce this effect.”

The fireworks displays are made up of about seven tonnes of pyrotechnics, and were today loaded onto barges at White Bay, in Sydney’s inner west.

This includes 11,000 aerial shells and 25,000 shooting comets – which will explode off seven barges spread across six kilometres of the harbour.

The 12-minute Midnight Fireworks display will be the dazzling centrepiece of the night, and require a pyrotechnical crew of 45 people controlling 12 computers to launch the fireworks from 130 firing points on the Sydney Harbour bridge, the barges and city buildings.

Forch has also designed fireworks in the shapes of hands, feet, koalas, bees, birds and octopus for this year’s event.

“People go away saying ‘I haven’t seen that before!’, and it sticks in their memory – it’s all about embracing the moment,” Mr Foti said.

“New Year’s Eve will be the culmination of eight months’ work for us, but the reward is seeing the smiles of the faces of people, both young and old.”

The Midnight Fireworks Display will be accompanied by a specially designed musical score – put together by Kylie and friends – to complete the experience for the 1.6 million viewers around the Sydney Harbour Foreshore, 2.3 million at home and over 1 billion from around the globe.

Fortunato Foti said the music is a critical part of the choreography of the fireworks displays.

“We design the show to flow with the mood of the music – in a nutshell, we try to make the fireworks dance to the songs,” Mr Foti said.

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For a safe and enjoyable 2012 Sydney New Year’s Eve:

  • Download the NYE12 app, created with Telstra, to take part in the first-ever Sydney Harbour interactive light show;
  • Pick a vantage point in advance and be aware popular areas fill up quickly;
  • Plan ahead if you’re heading to the harbour foreshore and take public transport;
  • Remember not to take glass to the event, and place rubbish in the bins provided;
  • Tune your radio to 104.1 2DayFM to hear the synchronised fireworks soundtracks picked by Kylie and friends; and
  • Watch the live broadcast on the Nine Network or the live stream, created by Telstra, at

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