New park set to immortalise the Mintie

New park set to immortalise the Mintie

For nearly a century they’ve added delight to a nation’s trips to the movies. Now the factory that invented Australia’s most-loved lollies could lend its name to a new park where the first-ever Mintie was wrapped in wax paper.

Under a City of Sydney proposal, the site of the factory that launched countless Jaffas on their journeys down cinema aisles will be named Sweetacres Park, commemorating the business that produced the lollies preferred by generations of moviegoers.

As well as offering in-principle support for the Sweetacres name, City of Sydney councillors have agreed the park should sit on a new road called Sweet Street.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said it was fitting to remember the history of the area by using the Sweetacres name for the new park and street.

“I’m sure many people have very fond memories of rolling Jaffas down the aisle of a movie theatre,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The proposed name of this new park reflects the industrial heritage of the Green Square area and reminds us all of the origins of these Australian lollies that have endured for generations.”

Naming the park after Sweetacres, where Fantales and Cobbers were also invented, was applauded by a confectionary expert who has recently completed a PhD in Australian lollies.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic,” said Dr Toni Risson, who has researched the history of Australia’s confectionary industry and said Sweetacres was in a class of its own.

“Minties, Fantales and Jaffas are among the most iconic lollies we’ve got. It’s so important we understand our confectionary history and the more these Australian companies are consumed by other companies, the less likely people are to know their lollies are Australian products.”

The first Mintie was produced in the Sweetacres factory in 1922 and Minties are still in production, although they are now made by a different company.

It’s moments like these you need Minties’ was their original advertising slogan and it still survives today making it the longest running slogan in Australian advertising history.



Sweetacres was the name given to the industrial heritage estate of James Stedman Henderson Ltd, which opened on Rothschild Avenue in Rosebery in 1918. Sweetacres was the name staff gave the factory after a competition.

James Stedman had been making sweets since 1850 in a factory that was originally in Kent Street in the city, and was later expanded right through to Clarence Street. His six sons became involved in the business.

It was at Sweetacres at Rosebery in 1922 that the iconic Australian sweets Minties were first produced. Jaffas and later Fantales were also first produced at Sweetacres in Roseberry.

The new park will be 5,000 square metres with a central lawn, perimeter gardens, and a playground for younger children, swings, water play and a sandpit.

The City of Sydney is spending $440 million on infrastructure and community facilities in Green Square where the park is located.

Green Square is a 280-hectare area designated for urban redevelopment in southern city between the city centre and the airport.

The former industrial heart of Sydney is expected to house around 40,000 people and provide more than 20,000 jobs by 2030. It is currently the fastest growing part of the City of Sydney area and one of the fastest growing residential areas in NSW.


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