Shining a light on Sydney’s animal instincts

Shining a light on Sydney’s animal instincts

An exhibition uncovering the secret life of animals in Sydney will launch at Customs House this month.

Hosted by the City of Sydney Something Else Is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct will showcase a variety of images and vision of native species and other animals who share the city with more than 215,000 dwellers.

The exhibition will explore everything from mounted police horses and their role on Sydney streets to the pesky habits of ibises in the city, and the family of white cats who took up permanent residence on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about the wild boar statue with a lucky snout, Il Porcellino, outside Sydney Hospital on Macquarie Street in the city centre. They can hear tales of Bailey, the dog on constant seagull patrol at the Australian National Maritime Museum. And they can view a 24-hour live bee-cam and rare footage of a peregrine falcon hunting and capturing its prey in the middle of the city centre.

Bailey Haggarty_1

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the exhibition and public programs will focus on some of the many species that have been long-term residents of the city and its surrounds.

“The city, our parks, gardens and wetlands provide homes for all kinds of wildlife,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“This is all about raising awareness and understanding of the city’s co-habitants.

“I’m sure many Sydneysiders would be surprised to know who we share our city with, including several threatened species such as bees and the grey-headed flying fox.

“We are working hard to protect the native creatures that share our city – our urban ecology action plan aims to create diverse and resilient ecosystems and livable habitats for many rare and endangered species in our local area.”

Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Breadface_Photo credit Peter Morgan_cropped

Something Else Is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct, which is curated by Glenn Barkley and Holly Williams and runs from 17 August to 22 February, will include work by four contemporary Australian artists, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Blak Douglas, Mylyn Nguyen and Garry Trinh.

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