Spokes turn for “Tour de Sydney”

Spokes turn for “Tour de Sydney”

Polka dot and green jerseys are up for grabs in Sydney’s version of the Tour de France at the third annual Sydney Rides Festival from 13 to 27 October.

Road bikes and fixed gear riders will take a 300-metre dash up Observatory Hill in a bid for the inaugural Mountain Goat Lord in Lycra title and accompanying polka dot jersey on Sunday 27 October.

The green jersey is reserved for this year’s Sprint Lord in Lycra, the winner of the Gold Sprints speed and stamina race on stationary bikes at the Alexandria Hotel on Friday 25 October.

The two “Tour de Sydney” events are the inspiration of The Spokes People, organisers of Sydney’s quirkiest inner city bike events.

“Riding a bike is a fast, fun and healthy way to get around the city, and a great way to experience summer in Sydney,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“Sydney’s leading the cycling revolution – there are now 31,600 City of Sydney residents on a bike every week.”

Matt Kirkwood, of The Spokes People, said that celebrating cycling is celebrating life.

“We’re looking forward to a packed Sydney Rides festival this year,” Matt said.

“Sydney cyclists are born on hills, so this year we’ve introduced the Mountain Goat hill race to capture the spectator vibe of the Tour De France on Sydney’s own Observatory Hill.

“And the popular Gold Sprints is a great night of socialising on stationary bikes. It’s all about showing off true speed and stamina – a spin class combined with a weekend ride with mates.”

“It’s fast and hilarious, but tough once you pass the heats into the semi-finals where we see some super-fast legs up on stage,’ said Matt.

For armchair cyclists, Sydney Rides Film Festival will screen at Dendy Opera Quays on 17 and 18 October, with four sessions of short and feature films dedicated to different wheel-life experiences, from the road athlete and mountain biker to the BMX bandit.

“Don’t miss Ryoku, which celebrates the journey of Shane Perkins, who went from cycling outcast to an Australian cycling legend with a racing career in Japan, while the beautiful cinematography and music of For A Thousand Miles, is the first crowd-sourced bike film we’ve shown,” said Matt.

The City of Sydney’s third annual Sydney Rides Festival is a celebration of bike riding in all its forms, with more than 25 events showcasing Sydney’s growing love of bikes.

Sydney Rides Film Festival

From 6.30pm, Thursday 17 and Friday 18 October

Dendy Opera Quays

Single session $20, double session $32

Gold Sprints

From 6.30pm, Friday 25 October

Alexandria Hotel

35 Henderson Road, Alexandria

See footage from past year’s Gold Sprints at vimeo.com/17134311

Hill Climb Race

From 3.30pm Sunday 27 October

Observatory Hill, The Rocks

See the Sydney rides Festival program at sydneyridesfestival.net

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