Statement – Hyde Park tree removal

Statement – Hyde Park tree removal

Early this morning the City of Sydney began removing a large Hills Fig Tree from Hyde Park South because it is badly decayed and posing a risk to public safety.

Contractors began removing the branches overhanging Park Street at 3am to avoid disrupting traffic during the normal morning peak.

The tree is around 80 years old and suffers similar problems to other Hills Fig trees in Hyde Park that have been removed in recent years because of safety concerns.

Parts of the tree,  located on the corner of Park Street and College Streets,  had levels of decay above 70 per cent.

The City’s Director of Operations, Garry Harding, said he was very sad to remove such a large tree.

“We spend a great deal of time and effort keeping our trees in good condition, but when they become diseased and pose a risk to public safety we have no option other than to remove them,” he said.

A crane inside the park will help remove the tree from 7am, with work expected to be completed in one day.

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