Tackling road safety at accident hotspots

Tackling road safety at accident hotspots

A hard-hitting new safety campaign is warning pedestrians and road users to take extra care at and around Sydney’s major train stations.

The campaign includes billboards with maps of accident hotspots and the number of pedestrians killed or injured around Town Hall, Central and Wynyard stations.

The Watch Out Pedestrians About and Watch Out Cars About campaigns are a joint project between the City of Sydney and Roads and Maritime Services’ Centre for Road Safety.

Roads and Maritimes Services statistics released late last year show the number of accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles in the city has fallen by 25 per cent since 2008.

The figures also show young men are far more likely to be hit by a vehicle in the city, except for the 26-29 age group, where women are slightly more at risk.

While the figures have been steadily improving in recent years, Lord Mayor Clover Moore urged all road users to be careful.

“These statistics are someone’s husband, wife, brother, sister, son or daughter, and the City works closely with Roads and Maritime Services to ensure Sydney’s streets are as safe as possible for everyone,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Sydney is a fast-paced city and we all have busy schedules and places we need to be, but it’s not worth risking your life – or anyone else’s – to save a minute or two.”

City of Sydney Road Safety Officer Len Woodman called for drivers to keep a low, even speed when driving around the city, and reminded road users of the impact even a low-speed collision can have.

“When driving, maintaining a low but consistent speed is safer than harsh stopping and starting at traffic lights. Your journey will often be quicker and less stressful as a result,” Mr Woodman said.

“Imagine being hit by the combined force of a rugby team running at their regular training pace. That’s the impact a pedestrian experiences if hit by a family sedan travelling at only 10 kilometres an hour – with devastating results.”


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